Into the Storm

Evil Doesn’t Die

Into the Storm
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Santa Carla, California – Autumn, 1982.

18-year-old Sam Freman fears almost everything; heights, bullies, girls – you name it. Afraid to stand up to his best friend when she asks for a ride in his boat, he agrees. They head out on the bay in his tiny craft, ignoring telltale signs warning of dangerous weather.  

Stupid mistake.

What starts out as a light drizzle quickly explodes into a deadly squall. With the ocean churning, massive waves slamming into them from every side, and a dead motor, Sam must attempt a treacherous landing on Lighthouse Rock or be swept out to sea. 

What he doesn’t know is that something’s lurks in the old abandoned lighthouse.

Something that doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Something dark.

Something beyond death.

Will they survive the treacherous landing, only to have their friendship and lives destroyed by the nameless horror that awaits?

Into the Storm is the first book in DL Strand’s terrifying new, supernatural horror series, Tales of the Lighthouse. If you like fast-passed, brutally scary stories with a strong, irreverent, female character, you’ll love Into the Storm.